The Church Board

Purpose: The Church Board shall provide general governance of the Church on behalf of its members.

Responsibilities: To create, review and carry out all policies regarding the operation and use of the Church.

Shall have authority over all committees, Church officers and staff.

The 2021 Church Board members listed below can be reached through the church office (860) 669-5735,

during normal business hours.

Joyce Sutcliffe

Wendy Clason

Dave Thompson

Chris Horvath

Tim Dunning

Carol Parise

Sara Johnson

Sue Melchior/Tim Dunning

Phil Sengle

Art Siegel

Beth Beals

Rich Geer


Kristin Walker





Director of Communications

Diaconate Board

Christian Education Board

Buildings and Grounds

Endowment Committee

Finance Committee

Mission Committee

Music Committee

Nominating Committee

Stewardship Committee