Morning Circle

Historically, Christian congregations have an organized women’s group which meet on a regular basis to use the domestic arts and the women’s camaraderie to help to further their church’s mission. Today’s version, here at First Church, is called the Morning Circle. The women meet every Wednesday morning to craft articles to sell at the Church’s Summer and Christmas Fairs and to enjoy one another’s company. Each and every one’s presence is valued and appreciated.

A variety of ladies with a vast array of temperaments and skills form a cohesive, convivial group that accomplishes marvels with their weekly efforts. To be a member of this enclave, there are no specific requirements. One need not be a crafter, just bring a willingness to be a part of a group with a generous spirit and a penchant for fun.

We gather together in a room just off of Fellowship Hall between 9:30 and 10:00 AM on Thursdays. One can do their own thing (knitting, embroidery, etc.) or join in cooperative efforts to complete items that are eagerly sought after at First Church’s fund raising fairs’. One need not be a member of the congregation to join us. All are welcome.